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About the Adopt A Book Program

About the Adopt a Book Program

The Adopt a Book program creates an opportunity for you to support important conservation work for significant items in our rare book collection. By adopting a book, you are helping to preserve these materials for generations to come.

All donors will be acknowledged on our website. If a single donor fully funds a book, we will add a personalized book plate to the item’s protective enclosure and an acknowledgement in the book’s entry in our online catalog.

Conservation work involves many hours of skilled labor and accordingly can be quite expensive. Any donation large or small will help us towards our goal of funding conservation treatment for these books.

Adoptable Books

Roma sotterranea: opera postuma by Antonio Bosio, 1632

Adoption goal: $18,500-25,000

About this book:

Antonio Bosio (1575-1629) was the first systematic explorer of the Roman catacombs, and one of the earliest archaeologists. This posthumous volume was brought out by the Knights of Malta to whom Bosio left his estate. The organization entrusted Oratorian Giovanni Severani with compiling, editing, and revising Bosio’s work into this volume, which was published in 1632, three years after Bosio’s death. Although many of his findings have been disproven, his work represented a great leap forward in the archaeological study of Rome and shed light a previously hidden dimension of the city.

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Conservation treatment:

The book has serious condition issues, including the loss of most of the sewing structure on its spine, deteriorating covers, staining, and damage to leaves. There are two options for treatment: stabilization of the physical structure of the book and surface cleaning of the pages, which will cost $18,500, or stabilization of the physical structure and washing/de-acidification of the pages, which will cost $25,000. While washing is the more comprehensive treatment, either option will greatly improve the book’s condition and further its preservation for future generations.  


Primo volume dell'vso et fabbrica dell'astrolabio, et de planisferio by Ignazio Danti, 1578

Adoption goal: $11,380

About this book:

Ignazio Danti (1536-1586) was an Italian priest, astronomer, mathematician, and cosmographer. This volume is an expansion of his earlier work Trattato del’vso e della fabbrica dell’astrolabio” which was the first Italian treatise on the astrolabe, an early scientific instrument that enabled astronomers to calculate the position of the Sun and prominent stars with respect to both the horizon and the meridian.

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Conservation treatment:

This vellum cover of this volume is badly deteriorating, and some parts of it are missing. Tidelines on the book’s pages indicate water damage at some point in its past. The sewing structure on its spine is weak, and some leaves are pulling away from the spine.

Conservation treatment for this book will involve removing the covers, washing the leaves, and rebinding with a new limp parchment cover.


I fioretti di S. Francesco, Il can del sole, Le considerazioni svlle stimmate by Duilio Cambelloti, 1926

Adoption goal: $4615

About this book:

This book is a collection of excerpts about the life of St. Francis. The title means “Little Flowers of St. Francis” indicating a collection of stories that were carefully gathered like flowers into a bouquet. The text of “Little Flowers” was compiled by an anonymous author in the late 14th century. This 1926 edition is significant because its illustrations and covers were created by Duilio Cambelloti (1876-1960), an influential artist in the Italian Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. The book features beautifully colored illustrations and unique wooden covers with inset metal decoration. This is number 218 of a limited edition of 1,000 numbered copies.

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Conservation treatment:

Due to the weight of the wooden covers, the spine cover of this book has pulled away from the text block. A piece of leather at the bottom of the spine cover has torn away entirely. There are also minor tears and losses to some leaves. Conservators will repair the hinge where the cover and spine cover attach to the text block, reattach the torn leather on the spine, and mend tears and losses to the leaves.

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