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Historic Maps & Cartography

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Alan Delozier
Archives & Special Collections Center, Walsh Library - First Floor
(973) 275-2378
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Library Information

The following information will help start you in the right direction to access of various library-related resources.

How To Search

When it comes to searching through our various search engnes and databases using a logical sequence of short, precise keywords will help yield the most productive results list possible.  These can consist of single words/phrases, or used in conjunction with each other. 

Example - "New Jersey" and "History"

Typically, a search session has to be conducted by a specifc paramater (i.e. author, title, keyword, subject, etc.) leading to a more precise list of matches. 




Our Collections

The following links will lead you to options for primary source exploration via our own Archives & Special Collections Center information sites.  Other examples found throughout the University Libraries site can be found elsewhere within this reference guide. 

Historic Maps & Cartography - An Introduction

Welcome to the Seton Hall University Libraries Historic Maps & Cartography research guide. Since the eras, events, individuals and facets of historical development within the course of society building are many and varied, this is not a comprehensive list of resources, but rather a starting point on your personal path to discovery.

History of Maps - Old & New (National & Global)

Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, NJ 07079
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