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COVID Ethics Series

The COVID Ethics Series relies on the idea that challenging ethical issues are best addressed by many folks, from diverse backgrounds, practically reasoning together. Each week Professor Bryan Pilkington is joined by a panel of leading experts from medicine, nursing, and the health sciences, as well as political theorists, economists, ethicists, philosophers and lawyers for a conversation about ethical issues which have arisen or intensified due to the pandemic. The COVID Ethics Series is generously co-sponsored by IHS Student Life and IHS Library.

Upcoming Talks

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   The COVID Ethics Series is now a podcast!

Past Talks

Bryan Pilkington

Bryan Pilkington, PhD is Associate Professor in the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University, Associate Professor in the School of Health and Medical Sciences, Adjunct Associate Professor in the College of Nursing, and Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Philosophy at Seton Hall University. His research focuses on the concept of dignity, conscience protection, moral responsibility, and the practices of the health professions. 
He lectures on practical ethical challenges in medicine and in the practice of healthcare professionals, and teaches courses in normative and applied ethics, including courses in ethical theory, bioethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, and political philosophy.
Pilkington serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum, and Christian Bioethics. He sits on the bioethics committee of Hackensack University Medical Center and the Hackensack Meridian Health Bioethics Task Force. He is a Junior Scholar at the Paul Ramsey Institute. He has taught philosophy and bioethics at Fordham University, Aquinas College, and the University of Notre Dame.
Contact Dr. Bryan Pilkington
(973) 542-6767