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Chinese Literary Magazines (Trial expires 3/31/2017) 文讯杂志知识库(试用期只能用账号密码的形式登录)
帳號:SHU2017 | 密碼:CEPIEC | 試用期限:2017/3/31

TLS: the times Literary Supplement

It is print only for the subscription at Seton Hall University. The digital version is not available via a computer. It is only available on a hand held device such as iPhone, iPad or android. You do have access to the archives. To access the archives, you will need the voucher code FN-CFBPNW. Please use as shown, all caps and include dash. At the home page of select “Existing TLS subscribers” and enter the above voucher code in the middle box. Once you register with TLS, you may login as a registered user in the right box.