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Staying current with journal literature

Staying Current with Journal Literature

Staying current with the medical literature can be difficult for the busy student or medical practitioner. Luckily, there are resources that can make staying up-to-date easier.

Guide Contents:

BrowZine is a mobile app for tablets and smart phones, as well as a desktop application, that allows you to access and browse e-journals from different publishers in one simple interface. With BrowZine, you can:

My NCBI is a tool that retains user information and database preferences to provide customized services for many NCBI databases. It allows you to save searches, select display formats, filtering options, and set up automatic searches that are sent by e-mail.

Google Scholar allows for the creation of email alerts to keep you notified of new publications.

Create search, document and author alerts to stay up-to-date at your desired frequency. You must be registered to create alerts.