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Genealogy Research Requests

Genealogy Research Requests

Guide for Genealogy Research Requests


Please note that Archives staff are happy to assist genealogists in their quest for specific information regarding ancestors. We will not do in-depth genealogical or historical research. Patrons are welcome to make an appointment to conduct their own research on-site or hire a professional researcher to do so for them. The Library's web site cannot provide access to the records themselves because the genealogical records are not in an electronic format. The microfilm of parish and cemetery records can also be accessed at LDS Family History Centers throughout the country. See for a list of locations.

Special Collections and University Archives is not staffed or funded to conduct extensive research. If you are unable to visit the Archives or a Family History Center to conduct research, the Genealogical Society of New Jersey  maintains on its webpage a list of professional genealogists who will conduct research for a fee. The Board for Certification of Genealogists also maintains a database, which can be searched to find professional researchers who specialize in New Jersey families. 


Special Collections and University Archives will provide limited genealogical lookups for specific questions about the following collections: 

Sacramental Records prior to 1930 (baptism, communion, confirmation, marriage). 

Please note: Inquiries require at a minimum, PARISH, NAME, and DATE of the sacrament.

Orphanage Records prior to 1930

We have a small amount of orphanage records from Catholic Orphanages that operated within the Archdiocese of Newark. The records are sparse and vary greatly from one institution to the next. Sometimes orphanage records are located with the religious order that ran the orphanage rather than with the diocese.

Please note: Inquiries require at minimum a surname and the name of the orphanage.

When submitting a request, researchers are requested to provide specific information (such as names and possible variant spellings, dates, name of church, etc. The latter is imperative as records can only be accessed by parish or cemetery.) A concise list of this information will enable research to be conducted in the most efficient manner. 

Requests are handled in the order of arrival; turn-around time will average 3 weeks, depending on your request.




Researchers are welcome to visit the Archives in person, by appointment, to access genealogy collections free of charge. Reservations can be made by emailing or by calling (973) 761-9476.  You may also access these records though the various Latter Day Saints Family History Centers throughout the country.  A list of such centers is available on their website,