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Strategic Plan Goals

Strategic plan goals

Seton Hall University Libraries, Strategic Plan: 2012 to 2020

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1) Provide expert assistance, instruction, and an innovative suite of user services which are responsive to the needs of our community and changing circumstances.

Goal 2) Build up and preserve print, digital, and other materials using selection criteria that reflect the academic priorities of the University, current collection strengths and significant research in all areas of study pursued at the University.

Goal 3) Provide effective organization and presentation of information and collections and access to information located elsewhere.

Goal 4) Create and maintain a physical environment that fosters learning and research and encourages use and interaction.

Goal 5) Communicate the library’s services and resources effectively, expand outreach and develop opportunities for our users to communicate about and shape those services and resources.

Goal 6) Develop strategic alliances and cooperate with other organizations for the advancement of scholarship, efficiency, and University goals and objectives.

Goal 7) Contribute to the academic, ethical, and cultural growth of the University community.

Goal 8) Foster an organizational culture and work structures that are agile, communicative, transparent, resilient and flexible, embrace change and encourage teamwork.

Goal 9) Secure the resources to meet Seton Hall University Libraries’ goals and objectives.

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