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Library Strategic Plan Objectives to June 2015

Library Strategic Plan Objectives to June 2015

Seton Hall University Libraries, Strategic Plan: 2012 to 2020

Objective 1 (Goal 1 & 2 & 3 & 8):  Fully implement the new WMS library management system; correct and clean records; establish efficient cross-functional workflows; present information to researchers in a clear, understandable format; broad understanding of WMS technology; preserve necessary data from the Voyager system for further use in a sustainable way; eliminate outdated tools/processes.

Objective 2 (Goal 1): Review/evaluate services and make recommendations: review content/presentation of LibGuides (Spring, ongoing); review current activities and service gaps, reference and instruction trends and data nationally, potential new services, local redundancies and make recommendations.

Objective 3 (Goal 2): Develop collections policy statements for general collections; continue to manage incoming-gifts acceptances.

Objective 4 (Goal 3):  Simplify records for/access to journals – print, microforms, electronic, those shared with Law, electronic books – current and ongoing; format, install, and test an on-site server for ArchivesSpace (possibly another for an art/museum database),  inventory and transfer assets from the Expressions IT server.

Objective 5 (Goal 3):  Develop the new Libraries-controlled webpage (more iterative features/highlights Special Collections, Gallery, Seminary, Valente).

Objective 6 (Goal 3):  Consolidate, organize and produce Special Collections finding aids, continue developing modern collections handling procedures and implement effectively, develop/update skills where needed.

Objective 7 (Goal 3):  Continue to strengthen document delivery processes (software, efficiencies).

Objective 8 (Goal 4 & 1):  Develop a plan/budget request for the Information Commons, to be delivered to IT; drop federal depository status and weed the collection.

Objective 9 (Goal 5):  Dean outreach to various departments, deans, programs (ETDs, new curricula, WMS rollout).

Objective 10 (Goal 5): Conduct student surveys on Libraries’ web pages, ongoing.

Objective 11 (Goal 5):  Document and quantify library faculty outreach efforts.

Objective 12 (Goal 6): Strengthen and focus working relationship with SHU IT.

Objective 14 (Goal 6):  Strengthen collections coordination with Law (electronic, print, and repository) and implement book reserve and delivery inter- and intra-campus; fully implement ETDs.

Objective 15 (Goal 7):  Increase Libraries’ role in/leadership of campus scholarly activities issues (copyright, fair use, open access), ongoing.

Objective 16 (Goal 7): Configure Walsh Gallery programing with an eye to long term sustainability.

Objective 17 (Goal 8): Oversight of key functions and workflow efficiencies.

Objective 18 (Goal 8):   Improve library-wide communications:  workshop; Assist. Deans’ regular meetings with functional supervisors, all library meetings, regular meetings with library faculty, library intranet.

Objective 19 (Goal 9): Prepare, with data, reports and recommendations on Library spaces and budgets..

Objective 20 (Goal 9):  Implement the support received effectively, reporting back to Administration and Seton Hall community.



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