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Library Strategic Plan Objectives to May 2017

Strategic Plan Objectives to May 2017

Seton Hall University Libraries: Library Strategic Plan Objectives to May 2017

(The Goals addressed in the Strategic Plan are in bold parentheses at the end of each Objective)

Objective 1:  Design, staff, and build an opening day collection and space for the Seton Hall University School of Medicine (1-9)

Objective 2:  Create and embed learning objects as close to the point of need as possible (1, 5, 8)

Objective 3:  Investigate, select, and deploy alternate service/teaching tools and technologies (1, 5, 8)

Objective 4:  Reformulate the liaison model to encompass encounters such as embedded Library faculty work, online presence, in-class, assignment development (1, 5, 8)

Objective 5:  Manage services more effectively with deeper data, randomly collected, triage of research consultations, assessment of services and teaching (1, 3, 5, 8)

Objective 6:  Investigate, select, and deploy more sophisticated mapping, wayfinding, and/or signage for the stacks (for instance, a locate-the-book app) and the building (1, 3, 4, 5)

Objective 7:  Develop a Reference and Instruction mission statement, curriculum mapping, synergies between these services, and other forms of literacy (e.g. data vs. statistical literacy), and develop a presence in Seton Hall’s online courses (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Objective 8:  Define and play a role in Digital Humanities at Seton Hall (1-3, 5-9)

Objective 9:  Shift/compact the periodicals collection, finish its inventory (2-4, 8)

Objective 10:  Shift the circulating collection to allow room for growth (2-4, 7-8)

Objective 11:  De-duplicate, inventory and selectively shape/evaluate the circulating collection (2-4, 7-8)

Objective 12:  Expand the profile of the Institutional Repository (1-3, 5-8)

Objective 13:  Enhance the Libraries’ discovery tool and the WMS library management system (e.g. the KnowledgeBase, etc. and its performance with ILLIAD/RAPID) (1, 3, 5-8)

Objective 14:  Develop a data management plan for faculty who are developing grant proposals (1-3, 5-8)

Objective 15:  Institute a purchase-instead-of-borrow program/process (1-3, 5, 8)

Objective 16:  Grow the budget to address strategic needs (7, 9)

Objective 17:  Organize, expose, and preserve the Seton Hall University Museum Collection (2-9)

Objective 18:  Manage Special Collections space efficiently and effectively (1-4, 7-8)

Objective 19:  Develop a basic digital preservation program in Special Collections (1-4, 7-9)

Objective 20:  Work with Advancement on top fundraising priorities (9)

Objective 21:  Continue enhancing the website through user and Library faculty feedback (1, 3, 5-8)

Objective 22:  Digitize selected Seton Hall assets to highlight the University, mission, and depth of resources (e.g. Padilla de Sanz papers, Priest’s cassettes, Seton Hall University Museum Collection) (1-3, 5, 8)

Objective 23:  Develop Alumni and guest printing capacity (1, 6)

Objective 24:  Develop cohesive messaging and outreach (e.g. student surveys and feedback, newsletter) to shape the website, services, building functions, etc. (1, 4, 5-7)

Objective 24:  Expand access to electrical for students (4, 9)

Objective 25:  Develop events/speakers relevant to the Seton Hall community (6, 7)

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