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SHU Libraries (new library website!)

Worldcat Local (new library catalog! search books, journals, and articles!)

Off campus books

You will need to come to campus to borrow or use SHU collections.  However, some books can be accessed from your home computer. 

See  e-brary, for books available online (SHU restricted).  If the direct links here fail, access them through the library database page)

You may also be able to borrow books from other libraries

In Essex County: through the (ReBL)Reciprocal Borrowing and Lending Consortium

Graduate students and faculty also have access to a wide range of libraries through VALE Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing

SHU online Journals & Databases

Although many things are freely available on the Web, most of the resources that you need in college (e.g. to write a research paper) come with a hefty price tag.  Happily, you have access to a wealth of  resources in your library, including online (electronic) databases, journals and even books that you can use off-campus.  Just  be aware that to access databases or e-journals off-campus, you will prompted to identify yourself as a valid SHU user by entering your username and password.
See the Off-campus access guide for detailed instruction

Using electronic journals off campus

Many journal articles are available in full-text through select online databases. To access these databases, select journals   above the SHUSearch box on the library home page.To locate a particular journal title, either search alphabetically or use the search box.  Upon selection of your title, you will see the period of availability for full-text articles. You can then link directly to the holding database. Some databases will prompt you to enter your Pirate Net user name and password. Others require a unique password.
If you cannot find the journal you need online or in paper, you can request a copy of the article(s) you need by going to our Interlibrary Borrowing page

Using databases off campus

Follow these step-by-step instructions:
  1. Most databases can be accessed with your SHU Pirate Net user name and password
  2. Click on the Database link above the search box
  3. Click on the Database Subject List or the A-Z list 
  4. Select your subject; e.g. Science
  5. Databases displayed will relate to your subject
  6. Once you select a database you will be prompted for your username and password
Call the help desk 973-275-2222 if you have problems with your id and password.
Use the same procedure to access online books (NetLibrary, e-brary, Credo Reference, Oxford Reference Online):  go to the  database page and log in when prompted

Need Help? Questions / Problems?
Call the Reference Desk:
(973) 761-9437.

Information Technology Help Desk 973-275-2222. For problems with Email ID and password, or other technical issues.

email a question:  Ask a Librarian

Need In-Depth Research Help?
Make an appointment with a reference librarian for an individual or small group session

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