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Off-Campus Research Guide

Writing / Citing / Evaluating Websites

Seton Hall University Online Writing Lab

Staffed with faculty, graduate students, upperclass students, and professional tutors, the Writing Center is an important resource for all writers on campus. This free service is available to ALL undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. 
Call (973) 761-9000 x7501 to make an appointment.

Writing and Citing Sources 

Academic Writing

Bedford Handbook - Citation Styles for Online Sources in MLA, APA, Chicago and CBE Style

The Elements of Citation

 A Research Guide for Students

Finding Information on the Internet

U of C at Berkeley Library’sTutorial: Finding Information on the Internet: Tutorial
Excellent tutorial that presents an introduction to the Internet, the WWW, and Netscape, reviews terms and jargon, and that gives practical information for conducting a search using the Internet, including recommended search tools.

G. R. Notess' Search Engine Features Chart
Informative chart that summarizes the features of Web search engines.

Web Based Library Instruction

Seton Hall University Information Literacy Tutorial Site

Understanding Library Call Numbers 

Library of Congress Classification System by

Library of Congress Classification Outline by Library of Congress

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