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Senior Seminar for Literature: Request Materials from Other Libraries

English 5011

Using Interlibrary loan

Request a book or journal article from another library

Interlibrary loan is a service that allows you to request books, journal articles and other circulating materials from academic and research libraries. SHU University Libraries belongs to two consortia, OCLC and PALCI. We use OLC for our journal requests and PALCI for most book requests. What does this mean for you? For the time being you need to use two separate forms:  one for books (E-Z Borrow)  and one for journal articles (the linterlibrary loan link below). If you cannot obtain a book through our PALCI consortium,we will send out a request to more libraries available through OCL.You will need to pick up your books at the library circulation desk; the majority of journal articles will be sent to your SHU email address as a PDF file.

E-Z Borrow (SHU restricted)

Interlibrary Loan for Journal Articles (SHU restricted)

Interlibrary Loan for Books not found through PALCI (SHU restricted)

In Essex County: through the ReBL)Reciprocal Borrowing and Lending Consortium

Graduate students and faculty also have access to a wide range of libraries through VALE Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing