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About Web Resources

Here you will find links to an array of resources available on the web.  Most are free, although some require registration and/or offer additional resources for a price. 

I encourage you to provide feedback or share web sites that you have discovered and found useful.

Web Resources for Nursing - Nursing Research

Web Resources for Nursing - Nursing Specialties

Web Resources for Nursing - Megasites and Portals

Web Resources for Nursing - Nursing History

Consumer Health

Anatomy/Physiology Resources

Anatomy Sites Innerbody your guide to human anatomy online. Choose anatomy by systems. Full of advertisements. Scroll down most pages to get to useful information.
This Bartleby edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body includes includes 1247 engravings from the 1918 edition and more than 13,000 entries.


AMA atlas of the human body. The American Medical Association presents these materials, designed for doctors to educate patients. Topics include systems, muscles, brain, and body/torso.

Physiology Sites

Muscle Physiology Home Page  from the University of California, San diego

Visual Guides: Understanding the Human Body.

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