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Scholarly Impact Metrics

Sources for Article impact

Interesting Articles: 


Impact factor, eigenfactor, article influence, scopus SNIP, and SCImage journal rank of occupational therapy journals

T BrownSA Gutman - Scandinavian journal of occupational …, 2018 - Taylor & Francis


[HTML] Publication metrics

MH Oermann, JL Conklin - Nurse Author & Editor, 2017 -


[HTML] An overview on evaluating and predicting scholarly article impact

X Bai, H Liu, F Zhang, Z NingX Kong, I Lee, F Xia - Information, 2017 -


The evolution of current research impact metrics: from bibliometrics to altmetrics?

JS Butler, ID Kaye, AS Sebastian, SC Wagner… - Clinical spine …, 2017 -


Do Mendeley reader counts indicate the value of arts and humanities research?

M Thelwall - Journal of Librarianship and Information …, 2017 -


[HTML] Measuring social media activity of scientific literature: an exhaustive comparison of scopus and novel altmetrics big data

SU HassanM ImranU GillaniNR Aljohani… - Scientometrics, 2017 – Springer


… . This study investigated whether specific characteristics of review papers induce different results in citation-based analysis. From the Scopus database, we collected …

MHC Ho, JS Liu, KCT Chang - Scientometrics, 2017 -


Understanding traditional research impact metrics

JS Butler, AS Sebastian, ID Kaye, SC Wagner… - Clinical spine …, 2017 -