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ArcGIS Guide

ArcGIS guide provides basic information about ArcGIS software

Introduction guide to ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) tool that can be used to build maps, visualize, and analyze data with several advanced tools available, such as APIs, SDKs, and 3D data.

What is ArcGIS?

​​​​​​ArcGIS is software that allows you to easily create maps to highlight spatial data. It also gives you the opportunity to leverage several existing geographic datasets through APIs (application programming interfaces).

How can this help my research as a student?

You can make your research stand out by giving users an interactive map that allows them to interact with your data. This tool can be used for several disciplines, from political science, health, biology, social studies, etc. You could create a map to showcase data collected that has a geographic component to it.

Why should I try ArcGIS?

The ability to master data visualization tools is a key skill that will help you in almost any job market.