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Seton Hall University Yearbooks

Seton Hall University Yearbooks

Seton Hall University Yearbooks

Two pages of the 1924-1933 yearbook with the words "1924-1933" overlaid on top of them.     Black and white aerial photograph with the words "1939-1962" overlaid on top of it     Pages of a yearbook with "1963-1982" overlaid on top of them     Pictures of Seton Hall's Library with "1983-2006" overlaid on top of them.

About SHU Yearbooks

An Overview of the Seton Hall Yearbook and its Publication History (1924-2006)

The Seton Hall yearbook, originally entitled the White and Blue and renamed the Galleon in 1939, was inspired by the colorfully written and illustrated student Dramatic Society playbills in vogue during the early 1920s. Beginning publication in 1924, the yearbook was among the first regularly produced and distributed campus publications along with the student newspaper, The Setonian, and the College Catalogue. The yearbook was published from 1924 to 2001, with one additional volume covering five years published in 2006. 

From a research perspective, the Seton Hall yearbook remains a popular social history reference work for researchers and family historians. It also serves as a resource for those interested in researching student demographic trends. While printed yearbooks are becoming extinct, as the Galleon did in 2001, social media and other means of digital presentation are becoming a modern outlet for student expression and memorialization. View the collection.

A historical overview of the Seton Hall yearbook.

For more information about yearbook content or any other aspect of school history, please contact the Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center at the Walsh Library at or 973.761.9476.

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