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Global Health Studies at HMSOM

Global Health Studies at HMSOM

Global health study, practice and research focus on equity in health for all people worldwide. They emphasize transnational issues, determinants and solutions in health, promote interdisciplinary collaboration and are a synthesis of population-based prevention with individual-level clinical care. Koplan JP et al. The Lancet 2009, 373(9679):1993-1995.

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The aim of Global Health Studies at the School of Medicine is to prepare students with an awareness and understanding of the significant health challenges of the 21st century. The program is focused on achieving health for all through addressing health disparities and equitable access to quality care for individuals and communities throughout the world. The program addresses the school’s mission to ensure the health and well-being of all people.

Global Health Seminar Series

The seminar series will provide all participants with an opportunity to study and engage with the fundamental topics in contemporary global health. It will explore critical issues affecting disease burden and health care delivery throughout the world.

The program consists of monthly, extracurricular seminars beginning in the Fall of 2023 through Spring 2024. The series is open to all medical students, residents and interprofessional health students.

Sessions will be held via Zoom with most sessions scheduled on the third Thursday of the month unless otherwise indicated (see the schedule below).

Zoom Link | Meeting ID: 847 751 41059

Date/Time Speaker Topic Description
Thursday, September 21

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD
Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of

Global vaccinations

Global Vaccinations and the Antipoverty Vaccines: The
Science vs. The Antiscience

Thursday, January 18

Phillip Levy, MD, MPH
Wayne State University School of

Chronic disease in black

Improving the Health of Populations ...Globally

Thursday, February 15

Jay P. Graham, PhD, MBA, MPH
Associate Professor, University of
California, Berkeley, School of
Public Health

Environmental spread of
antimicrobial resistance in
low- and middle-income

Environmental drivers of antimicrobial resistance in
peri-urban communities of Quito, Ecuador

Thursday, March 21, 3:00pm

Neil MacKinnon, PhD

Provost, Augusta University

Geographic Health Disparities and Global Health

Mapping health disparities in high-income nations

April 18th,
Amir Sapkota, PhD
Professor and Chair Department
of Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
University of Maryland School of
Public Health

Impact of climate on
patients with chronic kidney


May 16th,
Jenna Forsyth, PhD
Stanford School of Medicine,
affiliated with the King Center for
Global Development, the Woods
Institute for the Environment and
the Doerr School of Sustainability

Lead chromate adulteration
in turmeric across Bangladesh, food safety
policy enforcement


Download the Entire 2023-2024 Schedule Here.