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Graduate Student Library Services

What are your priorities?

Citation Management

What is a citation manager? Do you need a citation manager?

Best bets - Zotero


Website evaluation - *.gov, *.edu, *.org


Keyword Searching


Journal Searching

Browzine – Search journals online but cannot search CONTENT of journals here

Add this app to your phone if you want access to your favorite journals.

To search journal CONTENT:

Enter journal name here: and then enter search terms on journal page

Google Scholar

Add alerts to be PUSHED to your gmail inbox including authors and topics through your Google Scholar account

Use Google Scholar as a search engine to view citation counts and related articles.  ResearchGate could also be useful for this.

Go in to settings -> Library Links to connect to your institution from off campus.

Data Sources – we are focusing on data literacy for all students!                                                                                                                           

Where are you going to find data

How to determine credibility. . . .

Here is a shameless plug for our new subscription to ICPSR, a social science data repository, that may be useful:


Backing up

Where do the components of your research live (Word, Excel, Google Docs)

How often do you back up?

How often SHOULD you backup?

Where should you back up?  Google Docs, OneDrive, flash drive. . . .


How to find experts in the field

What are the best journals covering your topic?

Which agencies cover your topic?

Did you setup a Google Scholar alert for your topic, key authors?

What other strategies did your advisor recommend?


Thesis submission process

SHU Institutional Repository


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