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Course Reserves

For Spring & Summer 2021 we are suspending physical reserves. We are still holding onto items for later semesters. We made this decision for the safety of our patrons and staff as testing has shown the at COVID-19 can live on books for up to 4 days. We are looking at the items held on physical reserve to determine if we are able to obtain an electronic copy if you would like.  

If you have any questions please reach out to your liaison librarian

Need to place a new item on reserve? Here is our guide on Course Reserves.

What Electronic Resources Does the Library Have?


From the Library Homepage you can either search 'SHU Search' or 'eBooks' to find what we have in our collection. There is a video below on searching for eBooks. 

Streaming Video

We have 3 services for streaming video that provide access to a wide array of content. 

AVON (Academic Video Online) - the most comprehensive video subscription available to libraries, including producers such as PBS, and SONY. It delivers more than 66,000 titles spanning the widest range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more.

Digital Campus - Over 25,000 commercial films in digital format, these films may be viewed in the classroom and must be ordered by a faculty member. The link to the video, if shared with students to view on their own, must be accessed through Blackboard.

Kanopy - More than 26,000 films from the Criterion Collection, Great Courses, PBS, and hundreds of other producers. The films range from documentaries, indie and foreign films to classics and blockbuster movies. NOTE: Only films that support the curriculum will be added to the collection.


Fair Use and Reserves

Fair Use and Reserves can be confusing. How much of an item is based on the Four Factors. Sometimes people often quote "10% or 2 chapters" for reserves. That is just a suggestion, not law. It is better to use the Four Factors to decide what can be digitized. More information on the factors can be found in our copyright guide.

We can place a chapter that we have electronic access to on reserve or a whole eBook. It is also possible to provide students a link to an article that we have access to or is open access! 


However, we are not able to scan an entire book and place it on reserve. If we are not able to find a legal electronic copy we will work with you to find a new resource if possible. 


Questions about copyright? email