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eRepository @ Seton Hall 

eRepository is a service offered by the University Libraries and Seton Hall Law to service the needs of the SHU community in the preservation and dissemination of scholarly works.

Seton Hall Law eRepository

What is SelectedWorks?

About SelectedWorks

SelectedWorks is a service that allows you to create, maintain, and disseminate your scholarly work. You can customize and manage your account or add an editor to manage your account. SelectedWorks provides Google optimization and monthly download reports. For further information, please view: SelectedWorks features  and the Seton Hall University SelectedWorks Author Gallery 

Seton Hall University Libraries provides subscription access to SelectedWorks. To start a SelectedWorks, please view Start a SelectedWorks

Selected Works Example 


Start an Open Access Journal

eRepository provides open access journal hosting services. Journals can have a customized design and editorial management features including tracking submission and referee activity, automatically emailing appropriate reminders, and providing a mechanism for anonymous correspondence between reviewer and author.

For further information, please view Publishing Online Journals with Digital Commons Software.

Open Access Journal example

eRepository Services

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