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Library News Committee: Home


Library News Committee

The immediate charge of the Committee is to program, regularize and create a submission structure for the rotating carousel images on the library website homepage. The Committee will leverage the carousel’s value as a news center/mini-exhibition space and promotional tool. Long-term, the Committee will consider ways to integrate the Libraries News blog and the image carousel.

The categories and sources of carousel images will be:

  • Collection Highlights
    • (library faculty and administration)
  • Library Announcements, including changes to the library’s facilities, QuickStart Guide, etc.
    • (library faculty and administration)
  • Walsh Gallery
    • (Jeanne Brasile)
  • Interviews
    • (Katie Wissel)
  • Special Collections
    • (Amanda Mita)

The carousel will always contain 4 to 5 images. The committee will meet every other Tuesday and:

  • Decide which images (if any) will be removed and replaced, based upon suggestions and submissions received.
  • Have any new images in place on Friday of the same week.
  • Image submission will occur via a form Katie Wissel will create in LibApps.

The Committee will leverage the carousel’s value (as above) by:

  • Adding context clarity and legibility with brief identifying text on the images
  • Adding a small amount of introductory text from linked pages, under the images
  • Setting apt transition time between the images

- Committee members are Sebastian Derry, Katie Wissel and Jody Drafta