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Daniel J. Leab

Daniel J. Leab is a professor emeritus of history at Seton Hall University. During his long career at the University Dr. Leab has served as director of the American Studies program, chair of the History Department, chair of the Rank and Tenure committee, and founder and director of the University's Multi-Cultural Program.

His research interests include the Cold War, the American Labor Movement, and the portrayal of history in film. He has written several books, including Orwell Subverted: The CIA and the Filming of Animal Farm, and "I Was a Communist for the FBI": The Unhappy Life and Times of Matt Cvetic.

The Daniel J. Leab collection consists of materials used by Dr. Leab in his research. These include a number of reports from the House Un-American Activities Committee ranging from 1947-1962, and books focusing on communism, the red scare, and American labor relations. There is also a small collection of un-cataloged publications relating to communism and labor, and photocopied materials from the archival collections of the American Heritage Center.

House Committee on Un-American Activities hearing reports 1930-1962

Cold War

American Labor

Civil Rights

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