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English Faculty 1202: LIBRARY ORIENTATION 1202


English 1202 has been designated as a "research intensive" course as part of the Core Curriculum. This requires that a substantial amount of time be spent by the student doing research.

The SHU librarians can provide you with assistance to help you achieve your goals for your students. In this guide you'll also find helpful information for scheduling classes and using Seton Hall University Library's extensive resources. You will also be able the see the rubric we are using to evaluate your students' research.

We ask the following:

  • That your students work on their research logs throughout the course.
  • That you send the librarians your library research assignment and if possible your students' topics the week before your scheduled library session.
  • That your students complete the brief questionnaire upon completion of their papers.
  • That the librarians have read access to the students' final papers.