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Physician Assistant

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Finding Health & Medical Journals at SHU Library

Most of our journals are available online, although some older titles are only available in print.

To look for journals, select the JOURNALS tab above the search box on the library home page

If you are looking for a particular journal, type the title or keywords from the title in the box by "search by periodical title".

TIP:  if the title is short or has many common words, change "match all words" to "match exact words".

You can also browse the Journals A-Z List to see which journals the library has access to.

 If the library holds the journal you want,  the results will show the period of availability for full-text articles. You can then link directly to the journal, either as a stand-alone title or with the database(s) that contains it, by clicking on the journal title.  Note that coverage dates can vary between databases. 

TIP:  this search will also show whether we have the journal in print.  Print journals are located on the third floor of Walsh Library..  If you are on online student, you may request articles from journals held only in print via interlibrary loan.

If you cannot find the journal you need, you can request a copy of the article(s) you need through interlibrary loan.