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Saving searches & sending search results with MyNCBI

My NCBI is an account management feature that allows you to save searches, select display formats (e.g. title or abstract), set preferences like filtering options, and set up auto-alerts when a new article on your research topic is published.

You can sign into My NCBI in the top right of the screen. The URL to the login page is

Login button

The below video gives a brief tour of the MyNCBI homepage.

Exporting PubMed search results to citation managers (e.g. Zotero)

PubMed results can be easily exported into a citation manager like Zotero. Citation management software allows you to create a library of citations (references) you can cite in your research, as well as making it easier to insert, format, edit, and update in-text citations and your references list in a Microsoft Word document.

Saving & emailing search results

The Send To button offers a number of options for sharing or saving search results:

Send to options

  • Clipboard: Quickly assemble a list of articles you're interested in reviewing further when you're doing multiple searches. 
  • Collection: Create a list of references you want to share with a colleague.
  • Email results to yourself and/or colleagues.