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HMSOM Medical Elective: Developing Search Skills

Sample Final Projects

Sample Oral Presentation for Final Day of Class

Slides to include:

- Explain your topic and why you chose it

- Background information on your research topic and the area you were looking at

- Methods: present a chart which outlines the keywords and MeSH terms used in your PubMed searches

- On another slide list all the databases searched and search terms used (Scopus, Cochrane, etc.)

- Include a slide which outlines the Grey Literature sites searched, including pre-print servers

- Include a slide with your completed PRISMA flow chart and be ready to explain the chart to the group.

- Present your findings to the group and outline and explain your evaluation process of the articles

- Your final slide should cover "implications for future practice" or future research.

Sample Narrative Literature Review

Attached is a sample of a Final literature review completed by a student. This is not the required format or a template. Just a example of one students final paper.

This final literature review is due on the last Sunday of the second week class, along with your PowerPoint from your oral presentation and your PRISMA flow chart.