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Physical Therapy


Welcome to the toolkit built for the course, Movement Development across the Lifespan. A group project has been developed to explore factors that influence successful human growth and development across the lifespan that will lead, hopefully, to optimal aging outcomes. While that can be interpreted differently be many people, for this project the definition of optimal aging outcomes will relate toward achieving movement, health and wellness in its broadest and most fulfilling sense as the person ages.

In this toolkit you will be provided with links to various government and organizational websites to help you with your research.  These sections will be divided up based on their respective topics.  

Please don't hesitate to reach to me with any questions regarding this toolkit or research!

demographic iconInformation on Demographics


paper icon representing polices or guidelines   Information on Policies, Laws and Guidelines 


image of people during assessmentInformation on Screenings and Assessments


drawing of a virus cellCOVID-19 Resources 


book with scopeAMA Citation Resources 


black folder openingUsing Zotero