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Jeanne Brasile
Gallery Director
(973) 275-2033  

Jeanne Brasile is the Director of the Walsh Gallery. She earned her M.A. in Museum Studies at Seton Hall University (’04) and studied art history and studio art as an undergraduate at Ramapo College of New Jersey.  Her background in non-profit administration spans over 20 years and she serves on numerous boards and committees within the arts community.  Brasile specializes in curating and is primarily interested in developing interdisciplinary exhibitions that challenge visitors to re-think their perceptions about art, art-making and the role of the museum/gallery.  A frequent lecturer and writer, Brasile often speaks and writes about contemporary art.  If you would like to learn more about her, please visit her website.

Romana Schaeffer
Collections Manager
(973) 275-2165  

Romana Schaeffer is the Collections Manager of the Walsh Gallery. She earned her M.A. in Museum Studies at Seton Hall University (’15) and studied Atlantic World/ Native American history with minors in Museum Studies and Anthropology as an undergraduate at State University of New York at Fredonia.  Her background in collections management/ curation spans over 10 years.  Schaeffer’s research specializes in early US/ Colonial history and the effects colonization had on Native American groups.

Jesse Benicaso
Gallery Assistant 

(973) 275-2037

Jesse Benicaso is the Walsh Gallery’s Collections Assistant.  He has worked previously at Renwick Fine Art Services and Cadogan Tate Art Services as an Art Handler – with extensive experience preparing art for storage, shipping and installation.  Jesse is the son of sculptor Girard Benicaso and he was steeped in the arts from a very early age.  His formal experience in the industry consists primarily of working for fine art services and galleries throughout the tri state area.  He is an avid member of the Newark arts community where he participates in and supports visual and performing arts events.