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Collection Access & Reading Room Policy


Collections Access & Reading Room Policy



Archives & Special Collections (SPC) and the Walsh Gallery will provide reasonable access for interested parties to all collections, excepting those with certain stipulated restrictions. Exceptions will be imposed on Seton Hall University and Archdiocese of Newark records that are closed to the public as stipulated by law, policy, or the appropriate retention and disposition schedule. 

1. Requests for an appointment should be made in advance. Please contact us at 973-761-9476 or at for access to archival materials and special collections and indicate the materials you wish to use. For access to art, artifacts and archeological specimens please contact Collections Manager, Romana Schaeffer at (973) 275-2165 or Please verify that materials are available for viewing before arrival.

2. Researchers must complete a Researcher Registration and Agreement Form prior to using materials.  One form of photo ID must be presented upon registration.

3. Researchers must complete a Research Request Form to indicate what materials they are requesting. Reference books, finding aids, and other resources are available in the reading room for consultation, and a member of the Center staff will be available to aid in selecting materials. Researchers are advised to consult online finding aids before their visit to assist in selecting materials, when available. 

4. Laptops, notebooks and pencils (no ink) are permitted in the reading room.  All other items must be placed in the secure coat area. 

5. Food, drink, and the use of phones are prohibited in the reading room.

6. Researchers not affiliated with Seton Hall University will not be able to connect to our wireless Internet using personal laptops.  A computer with Internet access is available in the reading room.

7. Materials must remain in the reading room at all times. Researchers may use one box of archival materials at a time, one folder at a time. Archival materials must be returned in their original order.  Art and artifacts must be viewed one at a time and are available for visual inspection only. 

8. Researchers may be required to wear gloves (provided) when handling certain types of materials.

9. A photocopier and scanner are available for use in the reading room.  Please consult our Reproduction Policy for other information on reproduction.

9. A hand-held camera is permitted.  Use of flash, special lighting, and extra equipment is prohibited.  When taking photographs of pages in a book, the publication must remain in a book cradle at all times.  Not more than 10% of a published work (book, journal, newspaper, etc.) in copyright may be reproduced and not more than 25% of a manuscript or archival collection may be reproduced.  SPC/Walsh Gallery reserves the right to prohibit the photographing of any of its holdings. 

10. Researchers may use one microfilm reel at a time.  A staff member will provide and return each reel.  Microfilm readers are equipped with a printer, and there is a scanner. Pease consult our Reproduction Policy for pricing information. 

11. Researchers will not be able to listen to or view non-digitized audio or film materials in the reading room.  Please see our Reproduction Policy for information on obtaining a copy of such material. 

12. Researchers who do not follow the established procedures for handling materials may be asked to leave.


Policy last revised June 8, 2016

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