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Addressing alcohol misuse in primary care BACKGROUND: Alcohol misuse (AM) among young adults remains a public health issue that is underaddressed in primary care. Despite well-supported recommendations to screen and offer brief interventions for AM, most primary care providers do not address the issue. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2020 Conklin, Teresa M.
Analysis of child and adolescent psychiatric-mental health APRN education: Implications for the nursing workforce There is a decreased number of advanced practice mental health nurses with specialization in child and adolescent mental health.  There is a lack of standardization across nursing curricula focused child and adolescent mental health content. Archives in Psychiatric Nursing 2020 Galehouse, Pamela
Falls in Older Adults: Prevention and Assessment of Risk in Primary Care   Advances in Family Practice Nursing 2020 Greenberg, Sherry
Senior Oral Health: A Community Based, Interprofessional Educational Experience for Nursing and Dental Students The current article highlights an interprofessional, older adult oral health community program, created through an Accelerating interprofessional Community-Based Education and Practice grant from the National Center for interprofessional Practice and Education, designed to address the gap between older adult health education and care delivery.  Journal of gerontological nursing 2020 Greenberg, Sherry
Graduate level
health professions education: How do previous work experiences influence perspectives about
interprofessional collaboration?
Understanding how previous experiences with interprofessional education and collaboration inform health care provider perspectives is important for developing interprofessional interventions at the graduate level. The purpose of this study was to examine how previous work experiences of graduate level health professions students inform perspectives about interprofessional education and collaboration. Journal of interprofessional care 2020 Greenberg, Sherry
A Scoping
Review of the Evidence About the Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) Program
The Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) is a nurse-led education and consultation program designed to help health care organizations improve the quality of care for older adults. To conduct a scoping review of the evidence associated with the NICHE program to (a) understand how it influences patient outcomes through specialized care of the older adult and (b) provide an overview of implementation of the NICHE program across organizations as well as its impact on nursing professionals and the work environment. The Gerontologist 2020 Greenberg, Sherry
Interventions that impact weight status in Hispanic preschool children Objectives: The objectives of this systematic review of literature include: (a) describe the intervention strategies; (b) examine the outcomes as they pertain to the child (individual level), families (interpersonal level), and community or culture (organizational level); and (c) develop a foundation of interventional approaches that specifically target obesogenic behaviors in Hispanic preschool-aged children. Public Health Nursing 2020 Innella, Nancy & James, B.E.
Celebrating 21st- Century School Nursing Practice During May we celebrate School Nursing  Day. We are often asked-What does a school nurse do? This article is a response to a recently asked request and describes the role of the school nurse in the 21st century, working in one school. The description is not meant to be all inclusive-but rather give examples of the complex role and need for a school nurse. NASN 2020 Jameson, B.E.
Identification of workload measurement indicators for school of nursing practice Many school districts rely on caseload or student to school nurse ratios that are not grounded in evidence-based research. There is a need for a comprehensive workload instrument to describe the work of school nurses that incorporates the complexities of the role and includes acuity, care processes, and social determinants of health. The purpose of this qualitative study was to identify workload activities from a previous Delphi study that can be empirically measured as items for a workload instrument. Journal of School Nursing 2020 Jameson, B.E.
Use of the Worklife and Levels of Burnout Surveys to assess the school nurse work environment  This study provides insights into the domains of work that can cause burnout among school nurses and provides evidence that can inform school leadership and policy makers on ways to promote healthy work environments. Journal of School Nursing 2020 Jameson, B.E.
What Do Nurses Need To Practice Effectively in the hospital environment? An Integrative Review with implications for Nurses When staffing legislation was introduced, New Jersey nurse leaders recognized from the research and their years of clinical leadership experience that the work environment is a multidimensional concept and that staffing is not the only variable related to nurse and patient outcomes. Thus, an understanding of what nurses need in their hospital environment to practice nursing effectively was sought. The aim of this study was to examine the evidence regarding clinical nurses' perception of what they need to practice nursing effectively in the acute care hospital environment. Worldviews on evidence-based nursing 2020 McClure, Diane E.
The Economic Impact of the Opioid Use Disorder Epidemic in America: Nurses' Call to Action The unprecedented public health opioid epidemic in America has created a tremendous economic burden. Exorbitant costs from premature mortality, criminal justice, childcare and family assistance, lost productivity, and healthcare services are skyrocketing. Given the escalating economic burden of this national crisis, nurses as frontline providers are called to action to combat the opioid epidemic through the provision of comprehensive, cost-effective, humanistic levels of prevention, including primary, secondary, and tertiary care. Nursing Economics 2020 Neville, Kathleen & Foley, Marie
The value of faculty during student on-site evaluations The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board recognizes the value of nurse practitioner faculty in evaluating students at the clinical site. The Board of Commissioners recently approved the awarding of clinical hours to nurse practitioner faculty for clinical site visits. This article outlines the rationale and procedure for conducting and documenting student visits that can be applied to recertification. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2020 Roberts, Mary Ellen E.
Themed Issue: Topics in nurse practitioner professional role development   Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2020 Roberts, Mary Ellen E.
Business documents of the advanced practice registered nurse: Curriculum vitae, resume and biosketches Advanced practice nurses (APNs) now have great opportunities to serve in leadership positions for organizations, institutions of higher education, community and public agencies, and more. The need exists for APNs to have a full set of professional business documents readily available. Such common documents would extend beyond the professional business card and professional photograph to include the curriculum vitae, the resume, and the National Institutes of Health Biographical Sketch (biosketch) and a professional biosketch. Advanced practice nurses should understand the differences between the documents as each document helps to share the professional identity. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2020 Roberts, Mary Ellen E.
The role of school nurse presence in parent and student perceptions of helpfulness, safety, and satisfaction with Type 1 Diabetes care Adolescents with type 1 diabetes (TID) and their parents depend on school nurses to keep students safe in school. Parent satisfaction with T1D care is impacted by school factors including school nurse presence. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships among parental satisfaction with diabetes care in school, parental report of diabetes-related safety, adolescent report of school nurse helpfulness, and school nurse presence represented by school nurse to student ratios. Journal of School Nursing 2020 Wilt, Lori