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Nurse Educators Teaching Medical Interns: Impact of Interprofessional Collaboration This quantitative educational intervention was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a 1-day internal medicine orientation for new interns, led by nurse educators instead of medical doctors. Creative Nursing 2021 Barra-Schneider, Maryanne
Addressing Alcohol Misuse in Primary Care  Alcohol misuse (AM) among young adults remains a public health issue that is underaddressed in primary care. Despite well-supported recommendations to screen and offer brief interventions for AM, most primary care providers do not address the issue. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioner 2021 Conklin, Teresa M.
Mental illness stigma: Strategies to address a barrier to care Mental illness (MI) is extremely prevalent worldwide. Despite recent efforts to raise awareness through screening and early identification, MI stigma remains high and is recognized as a major barrier to recovery. Nurse practitioners play a key role in overcoming stigma to facilitate appropriate treatment and recovery.  Women's Healthcare 2021 Conklin, Teresa M.
Caregiving for Aging Parents as a source of blessing: a secondary analysis  This phenomenological secondary analysis of original research explored how adult caregivers of aging parents define the concept of being blessed. The disadvantages of caregiving dominate literature, but few research studies focus on positive aspects where caregivers emerge emotionally optimistic. Study participants expressed being blessed, such as being thankful, gaining a sense of peacefulness, reward, and meaningfulness. A conceptual definition of being blessed is proposed. Journal of Christian Nursing 2021 Conway, Kimberly A.
My Journey in Gerontological Nursing! A personal narrative is presented which explores the author's experience of being share story during the 2020 International Year of the Nurse and Midwife as designated by the World Health Organization, and entered the profession of nursing to specialize in the care of older adults, originally influenced by the wonderful care my grandmother received from nurses. Gerontology & Geriatrics Education 2021 Greenberg, Shery A.
Best Practices to Verify Ongoing Placement of NG or OG Tube After Initial X-ray Confirmation A literature review and critical appraisal were performed to establish NG/OG tube best practices. Best practices were implemented and assessed. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing   Hinic, Katherine
Coping With the Unexpected in Childbirth: A Thematic Analysis This article reports original research that describes new mothers' experiences of birth and maternity care. Qualitative data were collected through a survey on birth satisfaction, which included space for women to provide comments about their birth and experience of care. Thirty-nine women provided comments that were analyzed using the thematic analysis method. Two themes emerged from the women's experiences: "Unexpected birth processes: expectations and reality" and "Coping with birth: the role of health-care staff." Participants described unexpected birthing processes, their experiences of care, and maternity care staff's contributions to coping with birth. Implications for practice for childbirth professionals include promotion of physiologic birth, respectful person-centered care during all phases of perinatal care, and the value of childbirth preparation. Journal of Perinatal Education 2021 Hinic, Katherine
Evidence-Based Virtual Learning Experiences for the Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone  Virtual learning activities were essential at the height of the pandemic and may prove useful in other circumstances that limit clinical site availability. These activities can also complement in-person learning experiences. Journal of Nursing Care Quality  2021 Hinic, Katherine 
The Impact of Birth Physiology on the Transition to Motherhood In this column, the associate editor of The Journal of Perinatal Education discusses the impact of birth physiology on the transition to motherhood. The associate editor also describes the contents of this issue, which offer a broad range of resources, research, and inspiration for childbirth educators in their efforts to promote, support, and protect natural, safe, and healthy birth. Journal of Perinatal Education 2021 Lothian, Judith A.
Protecting and Supporting Mothers and Babies During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond Women's fear related to giving birth in the hospital is the impetus for a discussion of out of hospital birth and midwifery care. The Associate Editor describes the articles in this issue. Journal of Perinatal Education 2021 Lothian, Judith A.
The economic impact of the opioid epidemic in America: Nurses call to action The unprecedented public health opioid epidemic in America has created a tremendous economic burden.  Exorbitant costs from premature mortality, criminal justice, childcare and family assistance, lost productivity, and healthcare services are skyrocketing. Given the escalating economic  burden of this national crisis, nurses as frontline providers are called to action to combat the opioid epidemic through the provision of comprehensive, cost-effective, humanistic levels of prevention, including primary, secondary and tertiary care. Nursing Economics 2021 Neville, Kathleen & Foley, Marie
Understanding Servant Leadership in Nursing: A Concept Analysis  The purpose of this analysis is to clarify the concept of servant leadership and to provide further delineation of this highly relevant, but elusive concept in nursing. Findings of this concept analysis identify a linkage among servant leadership characteristics, caring theories, and the profession of nursing. International Journal of Human Caring 2021 Neville, Kathleen, et al.
Health-Promoting behaviors of low-income adults in a community health center Health-promoting behaviors improve health, prevent disease, and decrease healthcare costs. This study describes the health-promotion behaviors and identifies influencing factors of health-promoting behaviors in low-income patients at a community health center. This cross-sectional study used participants from a center serving a low-income population. Spiritual growth and interpersonal relations were the two most practiced health-promoting behaviors. Age and education influenced participation in health-promoting behaviors. Promoting spiritual growth and interpersonal relations is a critical part of supporting health-promoting behaviors. Findings provide guidance for nurses to contribute to increasing healthy behaviors and develop interventions to improve participation in health-promoting behaviors. Journal of Community Health Nursing 2021 Maglione, Joyce
Servant Leadership and Spirituality Among Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Students The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between spirituality and servant leadership characteristics in undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Although the relationship between these two concepts has been studied in the workplace, less is known about the links of servant leadership and spirituality among nursing students. Journal of Religion and Health 2021 Maglione, Joyce
Business documents of the advanced practice registered nurse: Curriculum vitae, resume and biosketches

Advanced practice nurses should understand the differences between the documents as each document helps to share the professional identity.

Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2021 Roberts, Mary Ellen
The Lived Experience of COVID-19

This qualitative study examined the essence of living with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We used a phenomenological research design and interviewed 14 individuals ages 18 and older during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Data analysis using Colaizzi's method for analysis revealed 2 overarching themes-physical experiences and psychologic/emotional experiences-and 8 subthemes that identify concerns that affect quality of life. The findings provide insights for nurses and health care providers on the experiences of living with COVID-19.

Journal for Nurse Practitioners 2021 Roberts, Mary Ellen
Strategies and techniques to enhance nurse practitioner learning
An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses articles in the issue on topics including nurse practitioner, implementation of the diagnostic and reasoning tool, and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.
Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners  2021 Roberts, Mary Ellen
Themed Issue: Topics in nurse practitioner professional role development An introduction is presented in which the guest editors discuss the theme of the issue, specific skills important to all professional nurse practitioners (NPs) including how to build a curriculum vitae (CV), resume, and bio-sketch, and the importance of NP faculty in on-site clinical evaluations. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners  2021 Roberts, Mary Ellen
The value of faculty during student on-site evaluations The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board recognizes the value of nurse practitioner faculty in evaluating students at the clinical site. The Board of Commissioners recently approved the awarding of clinical hours to nurse practitioner faculty for clinical site visits. This article outlines the rationale and procedure for conducting and documenting student visits that can be applied to recertification. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2021 Roberts, Mary Ellen