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Rare Books

Introduction to Seton Hall University's Rare Book Collections


This guide will help you find and use rare books in our collections here at Seton Hall.

What is a rare book?

A common misconception is that rare books are all old, dusty volumes from ages past. The truth is a bit more varied than that! Sure, we have old books here in our rare books collections, but our rare books collections also include:

  • new books
  • signed copies of books
  • books published by faculty
  • books from campus events
  • out-of-print or self-published books
  • selections from an individual's personal library

What sort of books are in our rare book collections?

Regardless of the age or scarcity of the book, our collections include a wide range of subjects that relate to the collecting area of the Msgr. Field Archives and Special Collections Center. These include materials related to:

  • Seton Hall University
  • The Catholic Church
  • New Jersey history and politics
  • Immigrant communities in New Jersey
  • Anything that reflects the values, mission, culture, and foundational academics of Seton Hall and the Catholic intellectual tradition

Contact Information

Jacquelyn Deppe is the Technical Services Archivist at the Msgr. Field Archives and Special Collections Center, and our Rare Books expert.

Please contact Jacquelyn for any inquiries related to rare books. She can help you:

  • find rare books in our collection
  • set up a research appointment
  • provide an overview of what is in our collections


Phone: (973)275-3576