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Donating to the Archives

Donating to the Archives

students on the steps of President's Hall, 1930s

Our Mission

The Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center and The Walsh Gallery maintain long-term stewardship for the care, research and display of Seton Hall University’s collections and select materials for the Archives for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. Both units are dedicated to collecting culturally, artistically and historically significant materials, both digital and physical, that enhance and enrich the mission of the University Libraries and Seton Hall University.  Our collections are available to both the Seton Hall community and the general public for exhibition, teaching and research.

Potential donations will be reviewed by a collections committee to determine their research value and relevance to our mission and collecting policies. 

Collecting Areas

The University’s collections fall primarily into these areas:

  • Materials documenting the history and heritage of Seton Hall College and University.
  • Collections related to and documenting faculty research.
  • Records, papers, and liturgical objects from the Catholic Church, particularly those of the Archdiocese of Newark, and its dialogue with members of other faiths. 
  • Collections from community leaders and political figures from the areas surrounding the university. 
  • Immigrant culture and history, centering on the Seton Hall region. 
  • Art and artifacts that reflect the values, mission, culture, and foundational academics of Seton Hall university, which are rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  • Materials that celebrate the diversity of human experience.
How to Donate

The Archives and Walsh Gallery welcome gifts that enhance or develop the collections.  All donations must be approved by an internal committee, which makes final decisions upon the acceptance of gifts.  If your potential donation falls into the scope of what we collect, please follow these steps:

  1. Send pictures and information about the object(s) to the Assistant Dean for Special Collections and the Gallery at  Be as specific as you can about the materials, their size, scope, and physical condition.  It would be helpful to know how you came into possession of this object (purchase, gift, found, etc.).
  2. The Assistant Dean will share and review this information with the Collections Committee at its next regular meeting.
  3. After the committee has reached a decision, you will be contacted. 
Monetary Donations

If you would like to donate a monetary gift to the Seton Hall University Libraries:

  1. Visit the Make Your Gift page.
  2. Specify "University Library" under the Designation dropdown menu.