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Start here to access SHU's subscription: 

PolicyMap is currently used at SHU in Anthropology, Education, Nursing, Political Science and in the Masters of Health Administration Program.  See more about Anne Hewitt's use of PolicyMap in her classes in this blog and a webinar.


PolicyMap is a web-based, GIS-lite mapping tool. It allows you to create shaded maps with data points as well as tables with U.S. data. Community and Community Health profiles are also available for states, counties and towns.‚Äč The tool is pre-populated with thousands of government data sets including demographics, home sales, mortgages, health statistics, socioeconomics, jobs and employment. 

Data Indicators and Data Sources

There is a public version of PolicyMap.  To confirm you are using the SHU subscription, enter through  You will see the University logo in the upper right corner. The PolicyMap (public) webpage does provide a list of data indicators (variables) and data sources available through PolicyMap.  These resources are constantly updated.  It is important to understand which agency generates the data that is useful to your research.



Check out youtube for great videos about Health Food Access and Identifying Vulnerable Populations through  PolicyMap

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