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Special Collections at Seton Hall University

Faculty and Student Collections

The Center collects materials from Seton Hall University faculty and students. The following is a partial list of archival collections in this area, and will be added to as more collections are processed. Clicking on the title of the collection will take you to the finding aid for this collection; unless otherwise indicated, materials in these collections are not digitally available.


Faculty Collections
  • Ahr Family Papers, 1917-1975, MSS 0134

    Peter Ahr (1940-) was an alumnus of Seton Hall (Class of 1962), and a member of the faculty of the Department of Religion since 1964. He served as Assistant Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as Dean of Freshman Studies at the University, as Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and as Interim Provost. He was associated with the University Honors Program and served as Thomas and Ruth Sharkey Professor of Humanities. He taught in the Department of Religion and in the Honors Program. As a faculty member, he served as co-chair of the Faculty Senate Core Curriculum Committee, and taught one of the first sections of the new Core Curriculum freshman course. His research and teaching interests centered on the early development of Christianity.
    2.25 linear feet

  • Father Raúl Comesañas Papers, 1940-2016, MSS 0130
    The Father Raúl Comesañas Papers contain a variety of papers covering the various political, religious, and personal activities of Father Raúl Comesañas of Union City, New Jersey, a Seton Hall alum. This collection covers materials related to Father Comesañas’s run for the 13th Congressional district of New Jersey, his work as a Catholic priest in New Jersey, and his work as president of the Union of Cuban Exiles (U.C.E.). There is also a variety of background information related to Fr. Comesañas’s political interests including his role on various boards, his post-secondary education and seminary work, and personal correspondence. 
    76.53 linear feet

  • Walter Cohrssen papers, 1929-1983, MSS 0049
    Walter J. Cohrssen was a Professor of Music at Seton Hall University between 1952 and 1977, as well as a musical composer. A respected faculty member, Cohrssen received the Bishop McQuaid Medal in 1972. In addition, many of Cohrssen's own musical creations were performed in the U.S. and abroad in Europe. He also served as President of the Composers Group of New York from 1961 to 1965.The bulk of the collection consists of Cohrssen's own handwritten musical scores, approximately 21 compositions. Of note, there are included here some audio recordings of Cohrssen's pieces, originally on tape reels and converted to CD-ROM format. Collection also includes a scrapbook, the Bishop McQuaid Medal, and several photographs. 
    5 linear feet

  • Eugene Cotter notes, 1970, ADN 0004-017
    Reverend Cotter was also a professor at Seton Hall University, teaching Classical Studies courses on Greek and Roman languages and civilizations. Of note, Reverend Cotter received a Fulbright Award in 1974. This collection consists of one folder which reveals a subject the Reverend and Professor Cotter was most interested in, Greek history. The folder includes a notebook with notes on Greek history and publications about Greek civilization, as well as a photocopied newspaper article about an archaelogical dig in Greece.
    0.42 linear feet

  • Dorothy Garrigan papers on Rev. Owen Garrigan, 1930-2010, MSS 0064
    Owen Garrigan attended Seton Hall, attended the seminary at Darlington, was ordained in 1954 and became a professor of Biochemistry at Seton Hall University. The Dorothy Garrigan papers consist of personal correspondence, photos, a book and ephemera that were collected by Dorothy Garrigan and primarily relate to Reverend Owen Garrigan, with additional materials related to Reverend John Morley, who also donated some materials. These papers do not include professional papers that Rev. Garrigan may have written during his career.
    0.5 linear feet

  • Paul J. Hayes papers, 1922-2000, ADN 0004-020
    Monsignor Paul J. Hayes was a pastor and monsignor in Newark and Jersey City. He was appointed to the National Catholic Office For Motion Pictures in New York City, where he served four years as an executive secretary. He then worked for two years as Associate Director of the Archdiocese of Newark Communications Office, becoming its director in August 1965. Hayes also served as counselor and taught religion, became chaplain of East Orange high school and later held teaching positions in theology and medical ethics at Seton Hall University, his alma mater.
    2 linear feet

  • John C. H. Wu papers, 1958 - 1996, MSS 0122
    John C. H Wu was a Chinese lawyer, professor, and delegate to the Vatican who adopted the Catholic faith. He taught legal studies and helped found the Institute of Far Eastern Studies at Seton Hall University. This collection constitute various materials representing the intellectual files of John C.H.Wu along with personal items that illustrate his family life and faith. This includes original manuscripts, printed works, photographs, notebooks, sketch books, subject files, posters, clippings, and other research matter of note.
    43 linear feet

  • Daniel J. Leab collection, 1919-2007, MSS 0087
    During his long career at the University Dr. Leab has served as director of the American Studies program, chair of the History Department, chair of the Rank and Tenure committee, and founder and director of the University's Multi-Cultural Program. The materials in this collection illustrate Dr. Leab’s research interests and sources. Included are publications relating to the Cold War, communism, labor relations, and the portrayal of communism in film. There are also a number of photocopies from archival collections of the American Heritage Center, which Leab sought out as primary sources for his research.
    3.5 linear feet

  • Papers of John Morley, 1971-2009, MSS 0149
    The Papers of John Morley include writings, lectures, research notes, correspondence, and miscellaneous documents and ephemera related to activities and events attended by Father Morley. The collection primarily centers on his work in Judeao-Christian Studies, anti-semitism, and the Vatican's role in the Holocaust. The latter is the basis of his published book, "Vatican Diplomacy and the Jews during the Holocaust, 1939-1943." The writings span from 1975 (when he was a student at NYU) to 2009.
    2.5 linear feet

  • John M. Oesterreicher papers, 1920-2000, Mss 0053

    John M. Oesterreicher was born February 2, 1904 in Stadt-Liebau, Moravia, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, into a Jewish family. He studied theology at the Universities of Graz and Vienna, was ordained to the priesthood in 1927, and In 1953 he founded the Institute for Judeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ. The John M. Oesterreicher papers include manuscripts, correspondence and sermons centering on his work in Judeao-Christian Studies and anti-Semitism.
    Approximately 125 linear feet.

  • Peter W. Rodino, Jr. papers, 1909-2005, LAW 0001
    The Rodino Archives held in the Peter W. Rodino Jr. Law Library at Seton Hall University document the Congressman’s career in the U.S. House of Representatives. The collection spans from 1909-2005 with the bulk of material covering Mr. Rodino’s political career serving Newark, New Jersey’s tenth congressional district from 1949-1989. Best known as the man unexpectedly charged with the responsibility of directing an inquiry into the impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon, Mr. Rodino was also known as an ardent and effective leader of the people and supporter of the Constitution. This broad history is recorded in the papers, scrapbooks, and audio-visual materials, including video, film, audio, and photographs, that constitute the Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Archives.
    535.46 linear feet

  • Miriam Rooney papers, 1930-1965, MSS 0039
    Dr. Miriam Rooney was an alumna of Catholic University, the founding dean of Seton Hall Law School (1950-1967), and a law professor at Catholic University (1948-1951). She also was involved in the United Nations as an observer and the Vatican's U.N. delegation. She was the first female dean of a law school in the United States. This collection includes Rooney's personal files as well as files on several priests.
    0.5 linear feet

  • Edwin Vose Sullivan Papers, 1914-2000, MSS 0017
    Monsignor Edwin Vose Sullivan was a Seton Hall alumnus, Archdiocese of Newark priest, and Head of the Sociology department at Seton Hall University. This collection includes his work in scholarship and teaching, as well as his advocacy work in supporting African Americans in the times before and following the Civil Rights Movement.
    7 linear feet

  • Rose Thering papers, 1944-2005, Mss 0016

    Rose Elizabeth Thering was born on 9 August 1920, entered the Dominican sisterhood at 16 and later became a teacher. She was a lifelong activist dedicated to increasing tolerance and understanding between Christians and Jews, and her work had great impact, from legislation mandating the teaching of the Holocaust in New Jersey schools to documents created at the Second Vatican Council changing the relationship of the Catholic Church with Jewish people. Sister Rose Thering died 6 May 2006. The Rose Thering papers consists of the professional and personal papers of Sister Rose Thering. The collection includes writings, correspondence, speeches, travel information, and subject files.
    Approximately 18.0 linear feet.

  • Anthony Triano collection, 1971-1997, MSS 0095
    The Anthony Triano collection dates from 1971 to 1997 and documents the activities of artist and professor Anthony Triano during his tenure at Seton Hall University. The collection comprises correspondence, teaching and tenure materials, exhibition materials, sketches, clippings, and blueprints of Seton Hall buildings.
    0.21 linear feet


Student and Alumni Collections
  • Bayley Seton League records, 1939-1998, MSS 0079
    The Bayley Seton League was founded in 1938 and is recognized as the oldest service organization at Seton Hall University. The League was formed by the wives of alumni who saw a need to help the University during a period of growth. The Bayley-Seton League records include documents related to the operation of the organization: meeting agendas, minutes, correspondence, events, financial records, and photographs.
    5 linear feet
  • Brendan Byrne papers, 1960-1982 (bulk 1973-1977), Mss 0007

    Brendan Byrne was the governor of New Jersey from 1974-1982. A native of West Orange, NJ, Brendan Byrne attended Seton Hall University, Princeton University, and Harvard University, and was an attorney and a judge before becoming governor as a Democrat. As governor, he created a legacy that includes the Meadowland Sports Complex, development of the casinos of Atlantic City, dedication to the environment exemplified in the Pinelands Preservation Act, and a commitment to improving public education. The Brendan Byrne papers consist primarily of materials related to Byrne's campaigns for governor of New Jersey in 1973 and 1977, as well as some materials documenting his time as governor and his activities with the Democratic party.
    Approximately 55 linear feet.

  • Donald M. Payne papers, 1988-2012, Mss 0078

    Donald M. Payne, 1934-2012, a Seton Hall alum, was New Jersey’s first African American congressional representative and served as New Jersey’s 10th district representative from 1989-2012. During his time in Congress, Congressman Payne served on a number of important committees and was a leading advocate for education, democracy, and human rights. The Donald M. Payne papers contain the professional papers of Donald M. Payne from his time as U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 10th congressional district. The collection includes materials related to Congressman Payne’s legislative work, particularly for the House Committee on Education and Labor and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, as well as on behalf of his district and state.
    Approximately 53 linear feet.

  • Matthew J. Rinaldo papers, 1972-1992, Mss 0009

    A Seton Hall alum, Matthew J. Rinaldo was a former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from the 12th Congressional District. He served on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, House Select Committee on Aging and the Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Consumer Protection and Finance. This collection includes his accumulated private, and select public papers.
    Approximately 45 linear feet.

  • John Erigena Robinson Diary, 1867-1878, MSS 0125
    The diary provides a look at everyday student life at Seton Hall College in the 19th century. Robinson’s entries discuss lectures, exams, recreation, and visits home. Robinson was a member of the College’s baseball team, the Alerts, and recorded team meetings and game scores in his diary. After graduation, he returned to Brooklyn and the diary focuses on his family, social life, and baseball activities. Later he writes about his career as a journalist for the New York Herald, discussing assignments and interview subjects and recording payments received for his stories.
    1 volume