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Special Collections at Seton Hall University

Jewish-Christian Studies Archival Collections

The Center collects materials that document Jewish Christian Studies and communication between the Jewish and Christian communities. The following is a partial list of archival collections in this area, and will be added to as more collections are processed. Clicking on the title of the collection will take you to the finding aid for this collection; unless otherwise indicated, materials in these collections are not digitally available.


  • Sheldon Benjamin collection, 1959-1984, MSS 0104
    The collection contains English-language publications, bulletins, reports, and bound volumes relating to the Soviet Jewry movement and the history of the Jewish community in the former Soviet Union. This collection will prove useful for researchers interested in the Soviet Jewry Movement and Soviet suppression of dissent.
    12 linear feet
  • Edward H. Flannery papers, 1965-1996, Mss 0012
    Born in Providence, Rhode Island, on August 20, 1912, Edward H. Flannery was ordained priest for the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island in 1937. Father Flannery served as associate director of the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University (1965-67) and was president of the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (1985-88). The Edward H. Flannery papers is a collection of the professional papers and interests of Edward H. Flannery. Included are papers on issues within the Catholic Church along with Jewish-Christian relations.
    6.5 Linear feet, Approximately 700 items
  • Nancy Forsberg papers, 1913-2011, Mss 0022
    Nancy Elizabeth Forsberg was born August 5, 1922 in Jersey City, New Jersey, and died April 5, 2008. Forsberg studied at many institutions, receiving her Master of Arts degree from New York University, New York, New York in 1965 concentrating in Hebrew culture and education. She was ordained in June 1951 and became pastor of the First Congregational Church in Union, New Jersey in 1967. The Nancy Forsberg papers include printed materials, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, magazines, sheet music, maps, essays, transcriptions, photographs, certificates, and her awards, focusing on her work on matters of interfaith and inter-religious topics, and religious education.
    Approximately 17.0 linear feet.
  • Jeifa Family Collection, 1907-1947, MSS 0121
    This collection shows aspects of the Jeifa family’s life before the war, such as Bernard Jeifa’s business cards and pre-war photographs, as well as evidence of the persecution and tragedy they experienced during the war, such as a sign used to identify their business as being owned by Jews, deportation orders for Bernard and Adele, and false identification documents used by Michel to avoid arrest.
    .2 linear feet
  • Luna Kaufman Collection, 1939-2013, MSS 0102
    Kaufman was a tireless advocate for Jewish-Christian understanding, engaging in many forms of activism including public speaking, Holocaust education, and service in many organizations dedicated to promoting Jewish-Christian relations. She was inspired by her close friend Sister Rose Thering, a Catholic nun and activist against anti-Semitism, and served as the chair of the Sister Rose Thering Fund for Education in Jewish-Christian Studies for many years.
    15 boxes
  • Papers of John Morley, 1975-2009, MSS 0149
    The Papers of John Morley include writings, lectures, research notes, correspondence, and miscellaneous documents and ephemera related to activities and events attended by Father Morley. The collection primarily centers on his work in Judeao-Christian Studies, anti-semitism, and the Vatican's role in the Holocaust.
    2.5 linear feet
  • John M. Oesterreicher papers, 1920-2000, Mss 0053
    John M. Oesterreicher was born February 2, 1904 in Stadt-Liebau, Moravia, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, into a Jewish family. He studied theology at the Universities of Graz and Vienna, was ordained to the priesthood in 1927, and In 1953 he founded the Institute for Judeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ. The John M. Oesterreicher papers include manuscripts, correspondence and sermons centering on his work in Judeao-Christian Studies and anti-Semitism.
    Approximately 125 linear feet.
  • Rose Thering papers, 1944-2005, Mss 0016
    Rose Elizabeth Thering was born on 9 August 1920, entered the Dominican sisterhood at 16 and later became a teacher. She was a lifelong activist dedicated to increasing tolerance and understanding between Christians and Jews, and her work had great impact, from legislation mandating the teaching of the Holocaust in New Jersey schools to documents created at the Second Vatican Council changing the relationship of the Catholic Church with Jewish people. Sister Rose Thering died 6 May 2006. The Rose Thering papers consists of the professional and personal papers of Sister Rose Thering. The collection includes writings, correspondence, speeches, travel information, and subject files.
    Approximately 18.0 linear feet.
  • Michael Wyschogrod papers, 1941-200-, Mss 0013
    Professional papers of Dr. Michael Wyschogrod relating to his work in Jewish Christian studies.
    10 linear feet
  • Small collection of pamphlets from the late 1960s relating to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and its aftermath.



Jewish-Christian Studies Rare Books

  • John M. Oesterreicher books
    Msgr. Oesterreicher's collection of nearly 5,000 books relating the Judeo-Christian studies also resides at Seton Hall. Materials in this collection can be found by searching the catalog, and can be accessed by appointment in the Archives and Special Collections Center Reading Room.