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Asian Studies

Provide library and Internet resources for Asian Studies students.

Seton Hall University Libraries Asian Studies Research Guide

     Welcome to the Asian Studies research guide.  I hope it will bring you and Asian Studies-related resources together, and help you to find and enjoy all that our library has to offer. 

     Seton Hall University Library’s Asian Studies Collection supports programs in Asian Studies, art history, business and economics, cultural anthropology, history, language, law, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, public policy, religion and sociology through electronic resources. The print books of Asian Studies are located on the 4th floor of Walsh Library (see photos on the top right of the floor map), the print collection contains ancient, modern and contemporary Chinese, Japanese and Korean materials in the humanities and social sciences.  This collection has over 13,000+ titles (approximately 10,000+ in Chinese, 2,000 in Japanese and 300 in Korean in 2011), and databases in Chinese for researchers and students in the field of Asian studies. Three valuable titles, worthy of special mentioning, include 1) Si Ku Quan Shu (the Four Treasures 欽定四庫全書總目), a  collection of 36, 381 volumes of Confucian classics, Chinese history, philosophy, and literature, 2) Zhonghua Da Zang Jing  (Tripitaka 中華大藏經), the three major collections of 3,900 volumes of Buddhist scriptures, and 3) Dao Zang (道藏: 5485卷),  a collection of 5,485 volumes of Daoist writing. In addition, Walsh Library has 12,000+ book titles in English relating to Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and India.