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Access Privileges

Access Privileges

The University Libraries are intended primarily for the use of currently enrolled Seton Hall University students and currently employed faculty, administrators and staff. 

Retired and emeriti faculty retain library privileges, including Interlibrary Loan.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic there is no physical access to the library for public visitors, community borrowers, Seton Hall University alumni, retired and emeriti faculty, or visiting scholars until further notice.

General Conditions for Access

Everyone who enters the library agrees to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines established by the University, and follow directional and other signage and directives posted throughout the library.  Specifically:

Masks Seton Hall requires everyone on our campuses – faculty, staff, administrators, students, and clergy - to wear a mask or face covering correctly at all times. All times means everywhere – inside buildings and outside, other than while dining or alone in a room.

Social Distancing Seton Hall will enforce state requirements regarding safe social distancing and will adjust expectations for conduct by students, faculty, and staff as stated in handbooks to reflect appropriate changes in policy; the principles of the Seton Hall Pledge will be incorporated into the relevant University policies. The University will expect students, faculty, and staff to abide by six-foot social distancing guidelines and/or necessary capacity restrictions in all campus facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, conference or other meeting rooms, residence hall common areas, dining spaces, libraries, and offices.

A valid SHU ID card or a visitor's pass, to be worn after guests sign the University Library Visitor's Book, must be available and/or visible for presentation to a member of the University Public Safety and/or to University Libraries personnel, at all times.

  • Persons using the University Libraries may be under video surveillance.

  • Persons using the University Libraries must not create a disturbance or exhibit behavior that interferes in any manner with normal, or any other person's, use of the University Libraries.

  • Persons who bring minor children with them into the University Libraries must closely supervise them and remain with them at all times


Seton Hall University students who do not comply with the rules outlined above may be asked to leave the University Libraries, and an incident report will be filed with the Dean for Community Development; in addition, the student may be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Persons other than current students whose behavior is not consistent with the rules outlined above:

  • may be asked to leave the University Libraries,
  • may be reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities and subject to arrest,
  • and may be barred from using the University Libraries for a given period, even permanently.

Additional library rules are available on the Rules and Policies page.

Reciprocal Borrowing and Lending Consortium

The Reciprocal Borrowing and Lending Consortium allows ReBL card holders to access 25 member libraries in Essex County (NJ). Due to COVID-19 ReBL borrowers are not permitted guest access to the library; they should request material from their home library and University Libraries will ship the item(s).


A person who is barred from using the University Libraries for any reason may appeal to the Dean of University Libraries for the reinstatement of privileges.

Revised June 19, 2013

Revised August 20, 2020

Revised January 28, 2021