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Fast Facts

Fast Facts June 2021 - May 2022


Total number of databases           572
Total subject categories of databases (1,898 subjects were tagged to 572 databases)        1,898
Total number of print books (Walsh Library)    395,356
Total number of e-book titles (unique urls)        6,993
Total number of fulltext e-journal and e-document titles (unique urls)    416,534
Total number of individually subscribed e-journals           144
Total number of print serials on site (Walsh Library)        3,794
Total number of streaming films (videos)      85,963
Total uses of EBSCOhost/EDS    492,826
Total uses of WorldCat (WC) Discovery    151,773
Total uses of e-books across major platforms (ClinicalKey, ProQuest, EBSCO, JSTOR and more)     141,203
Total uses of e-journal/e-document articles across major platforms (EBSCO, ScienceDirect, JSTOR, Proquest and more)      453,634
Total uses of Browzine       70,217
Total downloads from institutional repository     737,325
Total interlibrary loan transactions         7,801
Total number of library instruction classes            233
Number of students in library instruction classes (2020-2021)         5,802
Number of items handled by stacks unit (Linear Feet of Books Shifted)       26,870
Gate count (building visits)      340,747
Group study rooms checkout        25,261
Subject guide views     299,504
Website views (Walsh, IHS and Seminary Libraries)     255,763