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Important Announcement regarding Chemdraw

ChemDraw is now part of REVITTY SIGNALS, and is no longer associated with PerkinElmer. 


 Even if you are already registered and have an account, you have to create a new account using your SHU email. 

Here is the link to do that  Once you have created a new account you can download the latest version of ChemDraw Professional (Version: 22.2).

Please use the Quick Start Guide for instructions on how register and activate ChemDraw. Our activation code is 288C-A69F-07CC-0627

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact The "Common Login Problems" page may also be helpful.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of March 2024, Revvity will no longer be supporting older versions of ChemDraw, so please be sure to download the most recent version.  If you already have an older version downloaded you can keep it, but it will not be supported if you have problems.  See the full announcement here