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Schedule Library Instruction

For English faculty and graduate teaching assistants

Book library instruction ASAP! You can book starting now.

The sooner you book, the better chance you have of reserving the time that works best for your syllabus. We suggest choosing a point in the semester after which you have introduced your main research assignment to your students, if at all possible. Students tend to be more invested in library instruction if we can devote the class to this assignment and give them time to begin independent, guided research.

To receive a copy of your instruction request form, enter your email address in the appropriate field when you submit.
Keep an eye out for an email from Brooke Duffy to confirm your requested date(s). Please allow 1-2 days for a response, particularly at busy points in the semester!

Class Options

  • Hyflex and / or Remote (Synchronous Class via Teams)
    • Please add us to your class "Team" AND also send us a calendar invitation for the specific class session we will be attending. This ensures we can use the chat function with your students during the class (helpful for active learning). We will also need to be made a presenter. Let us know if you need help troubleshooting this.
  • In-Person Class in Your Own Classroom
  • In-Person Class in a Library Classroom
We ask that you plan on attending the library instruction class as an active participant! This models the importance of the information to your students. We also encourage collaboration with your librarian so you and your students can have a meaningful, relevant library instruction experience!

Library Instruction Checklist

Before English 1201 and 1202 Instruction
  • After you have booked your instruction, a librarian will reach out to you to discuss your class(es).
    • They will ask for your research assignment and syllabus. Seeing these helps us choose helpful resources for your students.
  • Please consider setting up a meeting with the librarian or librarians who will be teaching your class(es).
    • This can be quick! 15-30 minutes. This will allow you to become familiar with one another’s personality and teaching approaches in advance of the class. You can discuss how you might collaboratively guide students through the library instruction class. You might want to share specific research needs students have or student research topics you know of. This will allow the librarian to make the class more responsive to student interests and needs.
  • Review our 1201 or 1202 Learning Outcomes.
    • These learning outcomes for 1201 and 1202 were developed a few years ago by library faculty and Profs. Kelly Shea, Elizabeth Redwine, and Ed Jones. These should be the focus of your library instruction, in addition to any specific needs your classes have.
  • Before English 1201 only – Please have students complete this very qucik Pre-Survey about their prior research experience. This data is very important and helps guide us in revising the library instruction program:
  • After 1201 library instruction, please have students complete this very quick Post-Survey
After English 1201 and 1202 Instruction
  • Consider keeping in touch with your librarian to share any student research needs that emerge.
  • Librarians are happy to have individual research consults or answer student questions via email.
  • You can forward questions from students to us, or give students our email addresses.
  • We also have the LibChat (instant message service on the library homepage, staffed during these hours).
  • Our general research help email address is:
  • After ENGL 1202 only: Please ask students to complete the post-survey: 


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