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Library Instruction Request

Library Instruction

Library Instruction

Library instruction by the University's librarian faculty helps students learn how to more efficiently and effectively use library resources in studying, conducting research, and in writing a paper. Library Instruction works best when it is presented in conjunction with a professor's specific assignment so that the librarian can focus the instruction on abstracts, indexes, electronic resources, and other types of informational materials that are used in the research and writing process.


For a professor to request that a librarian meet with a class, please complete this form and submit it at least one week prior to the requested date for instruction. A typical presentation lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. Please note that the classroom professor is expected to attend the session. Multiple sessions to cover extensive topics can be arranged. Please click on the following link and fill out one form for each instruction session requested:


This request will be forwarded to a library liaison for Library Instruction. All requests will be confirmed. Please feel free to call Brooke Duffy at (973) 275-4689 or the Reference Desk at (973) 761-9437.

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