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Graduate Remote Research Services for Professional Psychology & Family Therapy

Tools for: storing, sharing documents, notes, writing


Below is a list of free tools for storing your documents. Note: This is not sufficient for sensitive data.

Google Drive

  •  Take notes, store files, and sync across devices. 


  • This tool is excellent for writing a thesis or dissertation.
    • "Scrivener unites everything you need to write, research and arrange long documents in a single, powerful app. At its heart is a simple ring-binder metaphor that allows you to gather your material and flick between different parts of your manuscript, notes and references with ease. Break your text into manageable sections of any size and leave Scrivener to stitch them together. Integrated outlining tools let you plan everything first or restructure later. And as your project grows, you’ll find that Scrivener grows with it."  Note: Theres is a cost for this tool. SHU does not subscribe to Scrivener.

SHU IT Department Software


SHU IT Department offers Microsoft OneDrive to all students.