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International Law: Sources of Law

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Citation Format

Bluebook Rules to Consult

The following Bluebook rules and tables are applicable to citing international human rights law:

  • Rule 21.4 Treaties and Other International Agreements 
  • Rule 21.5.1 International Court of Justice 
  • Rule 21.5.2 European Union Caselaw 
  • Rule 21.5.3: European Court of Human Rights
  • ​​​Rule 21.5.4: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
  • Rule 21.5.5: Inter-American Court of Human Rights
  • Rule 21.5.7: International Criminal Tribunals
  • Rule 21.5.8: Other Multinational Courts
  • Rule 21.7: United Nations Sources
  • Rule 21.9 European Union Legislation 
  • Rule 21.13: International Committee of the Red Cross and International Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Table T.3: Intergovernmental Organizations
  • Table T.4: Treaty Sources

Citation Reference Resources

Useful resources for deciphering acronyms, abbreviations, and citations you encounter include: ​