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Military Science

Welcome to the Seton Hall University Libraries Military Science Research Guide. This site is dedicated to primary and secondary source materials related to military operations.

Quick Links & Leads

The following links are designed to navigate you through basic reference areas and leads to pursue if you need additional information...

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Internet Resources

About - Religion & Spirituality.  Sponsored by  A website that provides different access links to a number of different religious sects including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Holistic, Islam, Judaism, and various others faiths. - Religion Statistics and Geography.  Sponsored by  This Internet database features detailed information on over 4,200 religious denominations and provides over 40,000 citations on a wide-range of statistical and geographic topics related to religion in its various forms. 

American Religion Data Archive.  Sponsored by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.  This information resource provides quantitative data on American religious life.  Included is data on Church administration, membership, professional activities, and group dynamics among other topics.

Facets of Religion - WWW Virtual Library.  Sponsored by the WWW Virtual Library.  A database featuring specific links to various Christian and non-Christian web resources which cover the Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Christian Science, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, Zorastorism, and others.

Material History of American Religion Project. Sponsored by Vanderbilt University Divinity School and the Lilly Endowment, Inc.  This special project is designed to provide the user, especially teachers and theologians with insight on the historical nature of religion in the United States and how worship is impacted by such variables as behavior, humanism, and economic impact among other relevant topics.

Philosophy of Religion Resources.  Sponsored by Dr. Scott H. Moore, Department of Philosophy - Baylor University.  This web resource is designed as a teaching center for students in the Religious Studies field.  Included among the major topics are Medieval Resources (500-1500) to Contemporary Resources (1960-present), Philosophical Concept of God, Philosophy and Biblical Studies, and Fides et Ratio among others.

Religion News Service.  Sponsored by the Religion News Service.  A current events database which provides updated headlines and bulletins on a number of religious topics.  A subscription service, but access to the data archive (1994-present) is also available through this site.

Religion Online.  Sponsored by Religion Online.  A website dedicated to serious research in the area of Religious Studies.  Included are over 3,000 articles and chapter entries on various areas of spiritual endeavor including Ethics, History and Sociology of Religion, Pastoral Care, Homiletics, Missions, Church and Society, and many others.

Religion  Sponsored by  Research area which features several links highlighting web resources on several world religions.  This area is divided into 135 different unique sites focusing upon various individual sects and complimented by specialized search engines for researching specific subject matter.

Religion Resources on the Internet.  Sponsored by the University of Virginia.  Includes areas of specialization in a number of different areas including general religion, academic journals (Journal of Southern Religion and the Society for Scriptural Reading), specific traditions, and religious movements.

Religious and Sacred Texts.  Sponsored by  Religious texts from a number of different faith perspectives including the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Divrei Torah, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Urantia Book, and many others.

Religious Resources - Religious Studies - Comparative Religions.  Sponsored by Mike Madden, University of Washington.  This database is a basic site which shows information links for a number of different topic headings including Religious Studies, Holocaust Studies, Mythology, Women and Religion along with several other relevant examples.

Virtual Library: Religion.  Sponsored by Virtual Library.  A set of religious sites on different themes including Buddhism, Academic Jewish Studies, Spirituality, Sumeria, Taoism, and Tibetan Religion.

Virtual Religion Index.  Sponsored by Rutgers University Department of Religion.  This website features research components devoted to the advanced study of Religion.  Included among the components of this website are areas devoted to American Religions, Ancient Near East, Biblical Studies, East Asia, Comparative Religion, Ethics & Moral Values, Greco-Roman Studies, Psychology of Religion and various others.