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History 5199: Senior Seminar: 1968

This guide will serves as a roadmap for locating resources for History 5199.

When you try to access subscription resources from off campus, you will  be prompted to enter your credentials with the following screen:



Do not include "" in your PirateNet ID, only your "shortname", which includes up to six letters of your last name and two or more letters from your first name.  In total there are eight letters e.g. jonesmar (5 +3) or rodrigel (6 +2).

Your password is the same one that you use to access your PitateNet email.  When you first open your PirateNet account, the password is typically the first 4 letters of your last name (in capitals), the last 4 digits of your social security number, and the pound sign (#). Remember it is case sensitive. Do not forget to type # at the end. 

You will now be able to access the database.