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Citations and Avoiding Plagiarism

How to Copy Citations from Databases and the Library Catalogs

It's a good idea to track down the citations for your articles and books as you are researching. Save time by using Citation Generators!

In the Library: Nearly every database and our online catalog and SHU all have citation generators built in and most of these will customize the citation to just about any style you need (MLA, APA, etc.).

On the Web: There are also numerous sites that you are probably already well-aware of (like EasyBib) that do the work of making citations for you. We've gathered some that we think work well on our Citation Tools page .

Just be aware that the citations you copy are often slightly flawed and will need to be checked before adding to your final bibliography!

Get Citations in the Book Catalog


Get Citations in an EBSCO database

image of an auto-citation within the EBSCO interface

Get Citations in a ProQuest database

image of the citation feature in a ProQuest record