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Copyright and Fair Use 2024

What you need to know

Avoiding copyright issues

The easiest way to stay on the safe side of copyright is to avoid re-using material, especially images, whether it's from books, articles, the web or social media.  YOU own the copyright to anything you create, and you cannot violate your own copyright. 

If you feel that you must re-use something that someone else has created, you will need to determine whether you need permission to do so. 

Often you do, unless the material is in the public domain or is specifically designated as open access / creative commons.  You will still need to acknowledge the source, just as you would a quotation in a paper that you write (and on that note, you don't need permission to use quotations or brief excerpts from a book or paper - but you must acknowledge to source to avoid plagiarism).


Accessing Course Reserves

The Libraries’ course reserves system supports the educational needs of our students by providing access to specific course-related materials designated by teaching faculty. Any required, recommended, or supporting materials for a course offered by Seton Hall University may be placed on reserve for the semester in which the class is offered. Use of course reserves is limited to currently enrolled Seton Hall University students and currently employed faculty for educational, non-commercial purposes.


Print Reserves

Physical items placed on course reserve are held at the circulation desk of either Walsh Library or Turro Seminary Library and are available for students to borrow for 3 hours.


Electronic Reserves (eReserves)

eReserves are course readings and other materials selected by the course faculty that are digitized and/or made available from our digital collections via the Blackboard interface in order to comply with copyright rules. 


How to Access eReserves

  • Log into your Pirate Net account
  • Click on Blackboard at the upper right of site
  • Click on the course under My Courses from which you wish to view eResources
  • On the left navigational bar, click on University Libraries
  • If there are eReserves on file for the course, a link will be listed on this page
  • Click the PDF from the resulting list to view the eReserve item or
  • Click on link to identify item that is at the Circulation Desk in library

PDF guide on how to access eReserves in Blackboard.