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Criminal Justice

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Finding Books

Criminal Justice books can be located in Sociology or Law.  These are Library of Congress subject headings that may help you refine your search topics.:

H: Social Sciences (General)

HV: Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology.

HV6001-7220.5: Criminology.

HV6035-6197: Criminal anthropology.

HV6201-6249: Criminal classes.

HV6250-6250.4: Victims of crimes. Victimology.

HV6251-6773.55: Crimes and offenses.

HV6774-7220.5: Crimes and criminal classes.

HV7231-9960: Criminal justice administration.

HV7428: Social work with delinquents and criminals.

HV7431: Prevention of crime, methods, etc.

HV7435-7439: Gun control.

HV7551-8280.7: Police. Detectives. Constabulary.

HV8290-8291: Private security services.

HV8301-9920.7: Penology. Prisons. Corrections.

KF: Law of the United States

KF1-9827: Federal law. Common and collective state law.