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eRepository Services



What is the eRepository?

Seton Hall’s eRepository is an online institutional repository and archive that collects, preserves, and distributes digital materials produced by members of the Seton Hall community for use by the university community and beyond. You can browse the scope of the eRepository here.

What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is an individual author profile on the eRepository that can be used to aggregate your research and other works and enables you to have access to related statistics.

How does my SelectedWorks/IR profile differ from the profile the University sets up for me?

Your University profiles are managed by IT and require a help desk ticket to update.  You can update your SelectedWorks profile yourself or University Libraries can do this for you. Send any questions to

What are preprints?

Preprints are completed works in their original state and formatting before undergoing peer-review and revision for publication in a journal.

Why is it important to send preprint pdfs for posting in my SelectedWorks profile?

You retain full intellectual property rights to your preprints and can share them at will without violating copyright. Works posted in your SelectedWorks profile are open access, meaning anyone online can access them without restrictions. The copyright of the final edited version of your published work is retained by your publisher and would be violated if shared in this manner.

What kind of statistics can I pull from my account dashboard? 

Your account dashboard provides download and other usage statistics related to your published works. These statistics can be filtered by specific country of origin, accessing institution and accessing institution type (education, corporate, government, etc.), by a specific work or across all your works, and within particular date ranges. The dashboard also has built-in data visualization capabilities, compiling this data in charts, graphs, or maps. University Libraries can aggregate this information for you upon request.

What are PlumX metrics?

The built-in PlumX tool gives you insight into 5 additional types of statistics for your published works. It tracks citations, usage (clicks, downloads, views), captures (bookmarks, favorites), mentions (news media, blog posts), and social media (shares, likes on platforms like Facebook and Twitter).